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soulmate meditation

Guided Meditation on a Soulmate... Relax

Soulmate Meditation is a time-proven strategy used by saavy and spiritual women. One of the spiritual principles states: it's easier to get what you want from a relaxed and calm frame of mind.

The Worry and Anxiety Release Meditation Script helps you relax and attract your partner of choice from calm and confidence. Many men agree that a confident woman is very attractive. On track one, the engaging voice of the author and the calming sounds of a New Age music track help to soothe away your fears and troubles about being lonely.

Before dating a new man, it is a good idea to take a moment to do this soulmate meditation in your quiet time and place.

The Soulmate Meditation

Sit comfortably in a chair. Make sure both feet are flat on the floor. Hands can be facing up or down in your lap. Close your eyes. Let's take a deep breath. Fill up your lungs. Hold the breath for the count of 4. 1--2--3--4. Let out the breath slowly. Let's take a second deep breath. Fill up your lungs. Hold the breath for the count of 4. 1--2--3--4. Let it out slowly. Let's take a third deep breath. Fill up your lungs. Hold the breath for the count of 4. Now imagine, a thick white silk cord that's attached to your tail bone. Let it unfurl slowly and fall through your chair, through the floor, and down through the earth. Let it fall all the way to the center of the earth. Picture that it touches a rock with your name on it. See your first and last name on it, carved into the stone.

Now, imagine that all your worries, fears and anxieties in the form of dark clouds or puffs of dark energy are falling down the cord, all the way to the rock. There they splatter and get cleaned and recycled back to their source. They recycle into bright shining orbs of energy. They return to their sources, clean, pure and ready to be used. Picture your worries about your specific issues as dark puffs of energy. See them tumble down the cord to be recycled on the rock in the center of the earth.

You now feel lighter than you did before. Keep releasing and recycling any fears or worries that we have not mentioned. You feel lighter and lighter.

Now, imagine a great big hollow golden ball over your head. You are filling it with all your recycled energy and any of your energy that you have allowed to be scattered. In other words, fill up the big golden ball with all your good energy. When it's filled, bring it slowly down over your body. Start with your head. Fill up your head, your throat, your chest and back, your stomach, your upper thighs, your knees, and your feet with the golden light of the ball.

When you are completely full of this gentle nurturing energy, you can bend over and dump any excess energy out of the top of your head. Just think of the top of your head as the open spout of a teapot and let excess energy run from it.

When you are ready. Sit up and feel completely calm and relaxed.

From this space of confidence, you are now ready to write your online brand and profile for the online dating service(s) of your choice or even to begin dating.

Know that the vibration you create from this soulmate meditation can attract the appropriate prospective Soulmates. Remember to use your discernment to make the best choice.

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